Check this out if you live in London, England -

Savant Art Exhibition at High Roller Society London, UK


29 October – 27 November 2011 | Opening Reception 28 October 7.00-10.00 pm

Joe Becker · Rory Dean · Peggy Kouroumalos · Derek Mainella · Richard Stipl · Erik Tidemann · James Unsworth

Using the precisioned techniques of Old Master painters and sculptors, Savant presents the works of 7 artists that derisively confront the contemporary art world with some of the most bizarre images a twisted mind can conjure.  Highly trained in media ranging from oil paint to resin, each artist has gone through the motions to fully understand the rules of artistic mastery, so that they now know how best to break them. Hailing from Canada, the Czech Republic, Norway, and the United Kingdom, Savant showcases these artists together for the first time, revealing what has been coined as ‘New Gothic Art’ in its prime.  Extremely subversive, often offensive, ‘idiotic’ art has been, until now, lightly trodden territory, particularly in the politically-correct western world. Curated by artist Joe Becker, Savant’s subject matter lives up to its word, promising to make your eyes pus and your jaw drop off completely.